Is the Weight Loss Patch the Answer for You?

There still seems to be a major fascination with the entire idea of getting something for nothing.  We all want a magic pill, or in this case, a magic patch which will miraculously cause us to lose weight without doing anything to change our unhealthy lifestyle.  I’ve said this time and again, if you eat more calories than your body needs, it’s going to do the wondrous and resourceful thing, store it for use when you may potentially need it later.  Any weight loss tips which include the use of a weight loss patch is simply trying to sell you something.

Are there some items which can reduce your appetite?  Of course there are, but that doesn’t mean you need them to get into shape.  If you use an herbal weight loss patch to get into shape, what are you going to do to STAY in shape?  If you say you just need something to jump start your weight loss, you’re lying to yourself and you should probably fess up to that and get serious.  Is there a new weight loss patch that is actually good for you and will help with your mood and ovarian cancer risk?  No!  Even if there was, it wouldn’t be available over the counter since the FDA would need to approve a statement about preventing cancer.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients you’ll find in a common natural weight loss patch you’d find advertised online.  One of the main ingredients is something called 5-HTP which is 5-hydroxytrypophan. This is an amino acid which occurs naturally and is the precursor to serotonin, which means you body uses it to make serotonin.  If you’ve ever taken an SSRI drug for depression, you’ll know that serotonin is what elevates your mood and helps you stave off depression. But, just because 5-HTP will help with this doesn’t mean the dosage in the patch is right for you needs.  Honestly, you’re better off buying the 5-HTP from a reputable retailer and taking a metered dosage that gives you a noticeable change in your mood.

There is a hoodia weight loss patch as well, but it simply promises the same “something for nothing” all the rest do.  Hoodia is supposed to help curb your appetite and comes from an African cactus plant, which seems to make people think it’s safe and even good for you.  In many cases that is true, but you can’t just rely on that notion.  I’m a huge proponent of natural living and encourage you to always take that route first, but it should be done only after careful research.  There is some indication hoodia does help suppress your appetite, so you may find it beneficial.  Still, I would encourage you to look at the dosage in any weight loss patch you are considering taking.  If it’s too low, you’re wasting your money, if it’s too high you’re potentially putting yourself at risk.

I’ll reiterate for you, if you want to lose weight and get into shape, you need to find the motivation to instill some self-discipline and control your eating.  You don’t need to starve yourself, but you probably do need to deny yourself some of those guilty pleasures you know aren’t good for you.  You don’t have to completely eliminate these items from you diet, but you should greatly reduce them.  The reason people want a patch or a pill is because they want results immediately.  Get that thought out of your head and resolve yourself to spending about a year, depending on your current condition, to get in shape.  Don’t be in a hurry, just eat right, increase your daily activity level and stop constantly weighing yourself.

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